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Engaged patients do better. 

Population Health has achieved a level of interest over the past few years.  While first describe by David K.   it achieved greater visibility when it was included in the Triple AIM by Don Berwick and first published in Health Affairs.  


The original Triple Aim article was published in Health Affairs May/June 2008 and guides the IHI Triple Aim Project 

Donald M. Berwick, Thomas W. Nolan, and John Whittington
The Triple Aim: Care, Health, And Cost 
The remaining barriers to integrated care are not technical;
they are political.
Health Affairs, May/June 2008; 27(3): 759-769.


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Healthcare reform seeks to shift the focus of the healthcare delivery system from visits to outcomes.   Realignment of reimbursement includes Value Based Payment system which rewards improved health outcomes rather than fee for service (visits).    Early descriptions appear in Michael Porters Book.